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The natural order of things

Collection of ten prints conceived during the first lockdown in the UK

This was an interesting time for me as an artist/designer, as I found myself freed from the daily intensity of work, my thought patterns began to change. I really wanted to paint but had no access to any materials due to lockdown. This thankfully forced me to improvise and digitally create  geometric designs. Some of the pieces were easier to draw than others but I had lots of fun doing them. 


Once returned to work, we were busier than ever catching up with all the new research demands, I forgot all about that freed up artist and the 10 pieces of art.


I came back to them recently and wondered if there was a way to combine the artworks with my product design engineer role.

I went on to design an aluminium frame 20cm x 20cm x 2cm using lots of the same processes that the products I design use. The result is a very tactile, solid and industrial feeling frame that compliments the geometric prints beautifully.


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