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As Field of View, my electronic music persona, I channel emotions and experiences into soundscapes, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a journey of introspection through evolving melodies and intricate rhythms.

The Overton Window


In this track I’ve attempted to sculpt a sonic landscape that mirrors the shifting boundaries of societal discourse. The ebb and flow of the music encapsulates the gradual evolution of public sentiment, inviting listeners to explore the uncharted territories of perception and thought. This composition becomes a meditative exploration of the subtle yet powerful forces that shape our collective consciousness.

The Overton WindowField Of View
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Fjar Dawn

During my unforgettable journey through Thailand, I was moved by the resonating call of "The Fjar Dawn Prayer," echoing across the town every morning at 6 am. Inspired by this spiritual and atmospheric moment, I crafted an ambient electronic track that encapsulates the blend of tranquility and devotion that permeated the air. The ethereal tones and subtle rhythms within the composition mirror the gradual transition from darkness to light, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the same meditative experience that captivated me during my travels.

Fjar DawnField Of View
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The Dream Unfolds

In "The Dream Unfolds," I delve into the enigmatic realm of our subconscious, capturing the fleeting nature of dreams. The ambient textures and evolving melodies within the track mirror the delicate dance between vivid recollections that stay with us and the ephemeral visions that slip through our fingers upon waking. Through this composition, I aim to evoke the bittersweet beauty of those dreams that linger in our memories, offering a sonic journey that resonates with the intricate tapestry of our innermost thoughts and emotions.

The Dream UnfoldsField Of View
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Sonic Tonic

In "Sonic Tonic," I've concocted a mesmerizing blend of glitchy beats and ethereal floating synths that sends listeners on a sonic journey. The pulsating rhythms and intricate electronic textures create a harmonious yet intriguingly unpredictable soundscape, reminiscent of a musical elixir for the soul. This track invites you to lose yourself in its intricacies, offering a refreshing auditory experience that leaves a lasting imprint on the senses.

Sonic TonicField Of View
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Erik Satie - Gnossienne 2 Re-work

I thought it would be interesting to see how Erik's music may have sounded today if he was still alive, with access to technology we take for granted.

Erik Satie - Gnossienne 2 Re-workField Of View
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Sonic PlaygroundField Of View
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Universal DifferenceField Of View
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Limbic FrictionField Of View
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Obstructive BulkField Of View
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