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minimalist art, electronica, abstract art

Precision engineer – Indentured Toolmaker

Self-taught artist

Mechanical/optical design engineer for scientific research

Electronic music producer

Graphic designer

Project Nice founder



I feel constantly compelled to produce pieces of art, I’m always considering new projects to pursue, whether it be music production, paintings or digital work. 

My working life is a huge creative inspiration to me, I spend my days designing, building and installing equipment for scientific research for universities world wide. The equipment is used for a myriad of research areas including cancer and heart disease. I feel very proud and lucky to have such an interesting job that also helps humanity. I’ve always been fascinated by the link between science and art, I feel we have so much to learn from science, even more so now than ever! 

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I'm inspired by:

Modern art

Large urban spaces/cities



Life situations/scenarios

Relationship between science and art


New materials and technology

Ambient and electronic music


Materials I love to work with are:

metal (predominately aluminium and stainless steel), perspex, any type of paint, stencils, masking tape, canvas and wood.


Tools used in my process are mainly:

CNC milling machine, manual/CNC lathe, 3D printer, scalpel, CAD software (Solid Edge), brushes, pillar drill, hand tools, pencil, rulers, Adobe Suite and a laser cutter/engraver.

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