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Precision engineer – Indentured Toolmaker

Self-taught artist

Mechanical/optical design engineer for scientific research

Electronic music producer

Graphic designer



I feel constantly compelled to produce pieces of art, I’m always considering new projects to pursue, whether it be music production, paintings or digital work. 

My working life is a huge creative inspiration to me, I spend my days designing, building and installing equipment for scientific research for universities world wide. The equipment is used for a myriad of research areas including cancer and heart disease. I feel very proud and lucky to have such an interesting job that also helps humanity. I’ve always been fascinated by the link between science and art, I feel we have so much to learn from science, even more so now than ever! 

Click here if you would like to learn more.

I have been exploring the connection with art and engineering in a new project that's due completion this Spring. The frames the work will be shown in are designed and manufactured by myself. This industrial feel will be balanced by the simplicity and beauty of the artwork itself.

See current art project for more.

I'm inspired by:

Modern art

Large urban spaces/cities

Life situations/scenarios

Relationship between science and art


New materials and technology

Ambient and electronic music


Materials I love to work with are:

metal (predominately aluminium and stainless steel), perspex, any type of paint, stencils, masking tape, canvas and wood.


Tools used in my process are mainly:

CNC milling machine, manual lathe, 3D printer, scalpel, CAD software (Solid Edge), brushes, pillar drill, hand tools, pencil, rulers, Adobe Illustrator and a laser cutter.

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